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FitMyLife is the most innovative fitness app available. Not only do we keep track of your nutrition and fitness information, but we can tell you what it means.

We can identify what causes your body weight, body fat, and muscle mass to change. We match you to the best nutrition and workout plans for your goals, and can connect you to our team of Registered Dietitians and Personal Trainers for an even more personalized approach.


FitMyLife uses sophisticated health analytic science to model your metabolism using data from your fitness tracking device and calorie counter. We design the best possible diet and exercise to help you achieve your health goals.

Family Physician Dr. Ron Collette:


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Why is FitMyLife different?
With FitMyLife, if you stall on achieving your fitness goals, we use our analytics to tell you why. We give you specific recommendations for how you can get back on track. We generate prediction reports that show what will happen to your body if you follow our advice and what will happen if you don’t.
Who is FitMyLife for?
Anyone can use FitMyLife to help them achieve their lifestyle goals. We offer nutrition and workout plans for weight loss, gaining strength, enhancing aesthetics, improving endurance, circuit training, and general fitness.
How does FitMyLife work?
We give you an insider's view of your metabolism: what causes you to gain or lose body weight, muscle and fat mass. Each cause of has a percentage beside it. The bigger the percentage, the stronger this factor is in determining your body composition. We help you understand which nutrient and type of exercise has the strongest impact.
What devices can I use FitMyLife on?
We are currently available on the App store and compatible with iOS devices (iPhone). We will soon be available on Google Play Store for Android devices.
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